Powerful Modeller Built-In to Prevent Woes with .FBX Importing (Shaders,Mesh & Rigging) 1st Complete

Hi. It’s best to master both UE4, CryEngine and Blender (strength is smooth modelling, especially with hard surface meshes. It’s also a complete suite with game engine but it’s not that great, the modeller is it’s top feature) because they share the same concepts, the wording and placement of the menus and commands is usually just the difference. The mindset for engine companies should be like the social sites now, which even share logins with each other. It’s alright to use all macOS game engines even (UE4, Unity, Blender and hopefully soon CryEngine. UE4 + Blender modeller w/ Cycles photorealistic renderer built-in is the one I switched to, from Maya, Maya LT + Stingray, 13 months I’ve been subscribed with Autodesk).

On the Mac with macOS and Magic Mouse + Magic Keyboard, the goal of companies for macOS should be to make people use both. This will be very easy with a very thorough preset of the equivalent for the keyboard and new one for multi-touch features of Magic Mouse. It should also have a one click built-in the app (not a link to browser), you just click and all the shortcuts and navigatoin tools are presented (with search), like a bubble for a quick glance, perhaps saveable in PDF format. Better yet, if say you’re from Blender, Unity, Stingray or CryEngine, when you click a button which app you’re coming from, the engine would animate the process (a very thorough complete one from basic to very advanced processes) to point you to the equivalent commands and shortcuts, plus perhaps a thorough video for Blender, Unity, Stingray or CryEngine much like what you see when you view the Mouse on System Preferences for the Magic Mouse- it has a cool live action video:-)

The engine would greatly be the best in the Mac and would stand out if it has everything built-in, including a powerful modeller which is the bane of developers because it’s like importing and exporting .doc or .docx, you never know it’ll be totally perfect and immaculate at the one receiving the import (or export). Nothing beats built-in in terms of time saved having to fiddle with setting to import and having to sacrifice computer resources just to open another app for modelling and animation. UE4 could be no. 1 if it ups everybody with everything you’ll even need built-in (especially the modeller with textures/shaders which does not import properly from say Maya and other apps and rigging/animation). With each function (modeller, animation, sound, deployment to major platoform like iOS, watchOS, TVOS, macOS, Android, Windows, Nintendo Switch, Steam ready, GOG ready, etc.). UE4 would definitely stand out on Macs and Macs would get exclusive triple AAA games for sure.

Also, it’s less costly for developers to develop on the Mac because it’s more safe from malware. It’s also easier to login and report things to your forums (bug reports especially) knowing that spyware, keyloggers, malware are less likely to record your password as you type it. Windows even if you have 5 malware apps, something always gets through (checking SpyBot every so often). It’s less paranoia on macOS.

Thank you for listening.

God bless. Proverbs 31

It sounds like you don’t have a firm understanding of operating systems or game development
you need to spend some more time practicing and improve your knowledge


Hope you are not in the wrong timezone… Remember what happened in Gremlins :stuck_out_tongue: