Powered Wheelchair - need help

Hey everyone! I’ve got stuck with my project with a wheelchair simulation in the UE. I have very basic knowledge about the UE so I can not just simply adjust tutorials for other vehicles for my needs. I was trying to follow a tutorial “Creating a tank in UE” but I got confused with all those pre-settings (even such, I guess, simple thing as socket was an issue - they were not displayed in the blueprint) were an issue. And I will need to set quite a lot of physics / dynamics to the wheelchair.

Do you mind to give me a short step-by-step guidance how it would be better to start with? I draw a 3d model of the wheelchair body + 2 driving + 2 rolling wheels in the 3Ds Max and tried to export them through *.fbx (also had an issue - materials were not imported in the UE, even in all the texture\material boxes were checked during importing).

I’ll appreciate any kind of help from you!

See U need to create materials inside UE4 . Just import the models inside along with the textures as .png/.jpg/.tga . Then use the material editor and create a master material for the model . Another thing . whaen U create the wheels . do not add collision inside ue4 .Sometimes the collision are not smooth .Rather create a collision frame inside 3ds max.