Power System with poles.

I have watched some videos on this. Just didn’t get any ideas from them. I need a way to generate power and use poles to pass that power on to other areas of the map. I saw a power system in the market place for just a few dollars. I wanted to make my own. Anyone have an idea or 2. Maybe a better video on it than what I have watched. I did a search in the forums. Just no results. The most simple and easy setup as possible.


Perhaps I had too much wine, but no idea what a power system is.

A Power System lets you connect power cables and so on to machines or anything you want power up, Use a generator to make the power. and use cables and poles to transfer power to other areas of your map.

Ahh, of course! Okay, you basically need to know two things, how player actor interaction is done, and the state of the electricity grid system. Depending on it you could for instance start interacting with a grid node, then call this node actor and switch it on or off etc.

unit23, thanks. how ever what you just posted making no sense. What I’m looking for is a power system set of assets. that will let me do all of it. Something I can add to my projects and get some kind of power system setup so that in turn I can make a power grid.