Power in Flight VR

Hey everyone,

We’re a digital marketing team within General Electric composed of game developers, animators, graphic artists, and technical storytellers.
We’ve been using Unreal Engine to create immersive VR experiences that simplify complex power system concepts to educate and engage our customers in the best ways to solve their toughest challenges. We’ve created 8 VR experiences so far and wanted to share our latest one, “Power in Flight”.

This experience uses “look to fly forward” mechanics and lets them fly through a power system starting more than 500 ft high, on top of a wind turbine in the middle of the ocean. The user flies over oceans, mountains, and populated areas while being educated on how GE’s technologies are modernizing the electrical grid. Using the power of Unreal Engine we’ve been able to create a one-of-a-kind experience for our industry, that we’ve been showcasing at technical conferences & events globally. This VR experience is projected on multiple 95” screens running at 60 FPS to create a shared experience between the ‘player’ and on-lookers.

The reactions have been phenomenal with constant lineups of customers waiting to try it out. See a link of a recording of the experience and photos below.


Alexander Bereznyak

For more info please reach us at:

Hi, looks really good, being educational is also a winner. I think you would have more of a response if this was a demo that was released that we could all try, i know i would like to try it :slight_smile:

Hi @GEAppDash ,did you release a library of blueprints in the forum?

Hi @GEAppDash
I’m a game design student looking to use a similar kind of “look to move” mechanic as you are using here. Can you elaborate more on how you made it and how it handles motion sickness? Was it all blueprints or is there C++ involved? Also, is the player attached to a spline (ie. they stay on the track?