POV VR Camera turns black during "block" & "ignore" collision with various objects

Hey guys,

I think this bug has been reported before, but I couldn’t find the original post. I’m reposting this issue now, just to be sure that it will be reported, because I can not fix it and I’ve tried everything I can.

In UE 4.9 (and also in 4.8 and lower), when in VR mode, the VR camera suddenly turns black when colliding with ANY physical object, regardless of its collision settings (overlap, block, ignore). In my case it is happening when colliding with walls, trees, pawns, and even with my own mesh during some animations. This issue is easily reproducable with a new project.
It does not happen in “Play in Viewport” mode, only in VR mode.

Can anyone confirm this issue, or link me to the original post?

Thanks in advance,



I was unable to reproduce this issue on our end. I notice that you mentioned that you could reproduce this issue in a clean project. Could you provide a detailed list of steps to reproduce this issue on our end?

Dear Rudy,

Thanks so much for getting back to me. While investigating this problem further, I realized that I’m still basing aspects of each new project on an outdated VR template, whose BPs and code appear to interfere with the newest version of 4.9. I didn’t even notice it until now. I removed everything from the previous VR template and the problem disappeared.

Sorry for wasting your time!! But once again thank you for your quick reaction!



To everyone who still has this problem: It has to do with a faulty CameraManager Blueprint that is referenced in the Game Mode (in my case it was a VRCameraManager). To fix it for good, create a new Game Mode, go to World Settings and replace the old Game Mode with a fresh one.