Potential New Content for the Future

So my idea’s I wanted to share is the following. (Please keep in mind current latency/LB of the servers)

Special event or a new DLC (BIg Brother Fight Thou)

Each mob or zombie will have a corresponding large big brother which will be a world boss, The spawn times and bosses will vary based on global events outlined. Each room will hold a certain amount of users (us the players) and we attempt as a large global group to take down the world boss.) Building is mandatory in this mode because the nature of the world boss they can insta-kill if a player is not behind cover. Each big boss has a signature large AOE that does crowd control, killing/stunning players if not behind steel fully upgraded.) If us the players manage to kill the boss then we have an attempt at getting rare drops… (Cmon dev’s it sounds good right)

Big Brother Bosses:

The first zombie: Big Frankie Stein Brother
2nd zombie: Bigger PeeWee Brother
3rd Zombie Fat McGee Brother
4th Zombie Big Mark McGuire (you can guess what he does right?)
5th zombie Big Eyez… (A large eye, instead of the cyclopictic zombie)
6th zombie Big StayPuff Marshmallow Ghost or Slimer

Thanks for taking the time to hear me out.