PostProcessHMD not working with MobileHDR disabled

I’m making a VR plugin for mobile HMD. The function DrawDistortionMesh_RenderThread not called when MobileHDR disabled. But some project may not want to use MobileHDR for better FPS.

I have checked the souce code. It’s because when MobileHDR disabled the bGammaSpace in FForwardShadingSceneRenderer::Render will be TRUE. Thus it won’t call the whole PosetProcess function GPostProcessing.ProcessES2.

Is it a bug for disable MobileHDR also disable the PostProcessHMD?

Hi Jason.C,

ES2 will disable a lot of the post process settings. Mobile has a separate code path that accounts for various things.

You can read more specifically about this in the Post Process Effects on Mobile Platforms page.

Thanks for your answer!

The problem is disable MobileHDR will also disable HeadMountedDisplay. Enable MobileHDR is OK. But I want to play with HeadMountedDisplay without MobileHDR.