PostProcess - Triplanar Mapping?

Hello friends,

I’m trying some more complex shader stuff - or at least for me complex.
With the help of some great tutorial resources, I mangaged to have a nice celshader up and running. (PostProcess)

I also managed to get triplanar mapping up and running - which works perfectly fine as a surface material on meshes.

Now… the idea to combine those two things for something like halftone or hatching effects in the shadows of my celshader.

But the triplanar mapping doesn’t seem to work in the post process material? I already removed the transform node from my material (to transform worldpostion to localposition) and only using the world position right now. that does also look correct on regular meshes - but not in the PP material.

Any idea here?
Any other ways?

Best and thanks

Triplannar mapping would work in post process shader the same way it works in ordinary material. Just mind, that instead of vertex normal, you will most likely need to use scene texture with world normals as a value, that dictates the blend between projections.

You Sir, made my day! Thank you!
Just switched from VertexNormalWS node to SceneTexture:WorldNormal in my TriplanarMapping material function -> works like a charm! thank you!

I have an additonal question:
Is there any way to convert to local data? since the transform node is not available in post process materials.

Nope, there isn’t. There is, but consider there isn’t and act accordingly.