PostProcess on an invisible (No render in Main pass) object?

In 4.19 or 4.20 you could disable Render in Main Pass on an opaque object, it would still show in SceneDepth, and thus worked in post processes (like outlines).
This was great because you could hide it inside a translucent object, and make it look like the translucent object had an outline.

However now in 4.24 this no longer seems to work. Disabling Render in Main Pass removes the object from SceneDepth, making post processes on it impossible.

So, how would I achieve this now? Just trying to put my outline effect on translucent characters.

I dont think you should use scenedepth for that, ever (Screws with all screenspace effects big time, especially SSAO), Try depth stencil.

That won’t allow me to create an outline though, as there’s no actual depth to it.

Edit: I meant custom depth, not scene depth lol