PostProcess Call Over Sequencer BlendWeight Animation drops 30 Frames

So everytime the Player has low energy, i call a post process effect with a Sequencer Blend Weight (Nice, Smooth Fade In from 0 to 1 in 1 sec)
But using this technique drops the frames from 110 to 80.

When i use the same Post Process Effect without a Blend Weight Call, in a post process volume, the frames stay constant at round about 110-115 fps.

But the effect opacity is also , when called over the sequencer blend weight at maybe 10-20%.
Configured over a post process volume, his opacity is normal @ 100%.

Maybe this transparency makes the Framedrop?
How else could i fade in a post process effect when the player has low energy?
30 Frames is to much, and as i said, using the same effect in a post process volume, no framedrop happens.

Can somebody help?


Nobody an Idea?

We still have the problem that the Frames are dropping.
As i said above :

  1. When i put the Post Process Effect into a Post Process Volume with “Asset Reference” then the Frames are not dropping when Testplaying.
  2. When i call the Post Process Effect with a Sequencer Blend Weight Animation from 0 to 1 Visibility , i loose 30 frames.

The whole thing gets played in the level blueprint, when something is happening.

Maybe someone of the developers?
Also to mention :
The Effect looks different when setting him up in a post process volume. Called with the Sequencer Blend Weight, he looks much more Transparent. Color i can see from the effect setted up in a post process volume is not really noticeable when using the same effect per blend weight call.



I found it…
The problem was : The Blendweight loads all Post Process Informations for the Camera Actor which are setted up.
The Ambient Occlusion Quality under “Advanced” was setted to 100, and thats a framekiller, especially when there is no visible change for our third person game.

Finally Q_Q :slight_smile: