PostEditChangeProperty FVector FRotator - How to get those property of those type ?


I want to update a meshcomponent position based on a FVector property editable in the blueprint. I check in PostEditChangeProperty to be notified when the property changed in the editor but sadly in a FVector, I receive X, Y , Z or Pith, Yaw for Frotator instead of the PropertyName.

How could I manage this?

Can we know if a Property have a parent property?


Try looking at overriding PostEditChangeChainProperty which should give you the ability to look at what the parent property is.

Thanks, I will look into it.

I confirmed it works fine except if I change the value via the EditWidget.
Nothing is fired in this event and the current property change send null as Property value.

Forgive me, it is Monday morning, but when you say via the EditWidget you mean when you drag it around in the viewport?

Yes exactly.
My property have the EditWidget metadata set so it’s possible to move a gizmo in the viewport to set its value.


old thread, but was looking for a solution to get the actual name of a vector when it gets changed (in stead of the individual axis names). Found out you need to use:


in stead of


hopefully this still helps people out even though question got asked years ago!