Post Processing Volume Orientation

Can post processing volumes be applied to a space in a scene that would still be visible if the character is outside of it?
I don’t know how else to word that so I’ll give an example:
Per say I have a level with two towns and I want to use the PostProcessing Pack Vol.1 from the asset store to add a different affect to each town. For 1 I add the tron glow effect in the pack and the other I the stylized cartoon effect in the pack. What I would like to achieve is that the glowing city will still remain glowing with its effects even when viewed from the stylized cartoon world and vise versa. Essentially selectively apply a post effect to a certain part of the camera whilst inside another post processing volume.

I have an idea that it might work with depth mask but from the examples I’ve seen it renders post effect on a depth mask even through meshes so the post would be applied to the town and can be seen through meshes (like x-ray).