Post Processing DOF has weird warping artifacts

Hey all,

In a game project I am working on, I have a Gaussian blur DOF effect applied to the camera. Problem is, is the objects in the distance start warping the screen strangely.

Take a look at this video

Notice the tree and the red gate warping weird once the swinging chain moves over it. That isn’t weird youtube compression, that is in the editor itself.

How would I fix this? Is there some setting I can disable, outside of just turning off DOF?


So it turned out that the problem wasn’t the DOF, but the… anti ailiasing? Really strange. I changed the AA from ‘TemporalAA’ to ‘FXAA’ in the project settings under rendering, and now it looks fine.

Hope this helps anyone in the future!

Are you doing something else on top of the gaussian DOF to give that swirled edge effect? I wonder if it is some other interaction in your post processing that is making that artifact so apparent. At first I thought it was a motion blur artifact.

Seems like a ghosting effect that a lot people on 4.9 have been getting, including myself.