Post Process Blendables doesn't work with Panoramic export?

Ok, So I want to render a 360 degree video from unreal 4 for Youtube, I have no issue with this, I know how to do it. However, I noticed that with despite range of different methods to do this, all fail to render with Post Process Blendable setting on? I need this to work because I want to use a Cel Shader over the enviroment.

Currently, I am using for panoramic rendering this method: (All credits due to Andrew Weidenhammer). However his methodology still doesn’t allow any post processing.
You can grab his unreal 4 project with the blueprints under this link :

However, I believe I know what could fix this, however my knowledge of blueprints doesn’t allow me to achieve this.
Ok so below you can see the blueprint that essentialy is a material of the enviroment visible by camera, its using UV mapping to offset images to create an panoramic recording, very clever. However, I wonder if its possible to apply Post Processing within this blueprint to apply shaders? And effectively force Blendables.

Any directions and help would be appreciated! Thanks.