Post process absolute world cordinates streching texture

Hi, im having problem because my post process volume is stretching texture, and I cannot get it to work right. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Thanks in advance…

I saw your post on AnswerHub and it gave me a better idea of what you’re doing wrong. Since post process materials don’t live on the underlying surfaces they are applied over, they don’t have direct access to the world position of those surfaces. You can reconstruct the world position of visible surfaces using scene depth and a few camera vectors, like this:


WorldAlignedTexture node uses vertex normal by default and there is none in post process. It needs explicit normal provided. Luckily you have WorldNormal accessible in post process.


This is already done internally, so WorldPosition node outputs more or less proper position of a pixel in post process materials.

@Deathrey Thank you, you saved me!! :slight_smile: Everything is working now, textures are mapped just right!!