possible to trigger overlapping triggerboxes to an event?

i would like to trigger an event (turn on light or animation) when one (movable) triggerbox overlaps another triggerbox. It seems so easy, but i am on the wrong track i guess. Is there anyone who can give me some advise or a BP example?



i did it now like this, but i have the feeling it can be better:)
I tested it with the spere rolling of the stairs. Collisonbox B attached to it. And overlaps triggerbox A down the stairs. And a sound spawns.
afb collision overlap 1.png
and the BP
afb collision overlap 2.png

but the problem is that i have to change the collision A like this:

I prefer another way that it is something like this: If triggerboxB overlaps **triggerboxA **then spawn sound. And that in my blueprint :slight_smile:

This is the way to go. However, you don’t Need to cast the sphere to a static mesh actor, since it is already a static mesh actor.
You probably want to have the sphere trigger attached to the sphere mesh. create a new blueprint for this and make sure your TriggerBox generates Overlap Events and also the collision is set to “Overlap” with the SphereTrigger Collision

hey man thanks, so i was close :slight_smile: Thanks for the help. But i get a little confused. I made a BP with a sphere and a collisionsphere. Put this in the level on top of the stairs. The it rolls down, touches the collisionboxA,… and nothing happends :slight_smile:
Somehow i dont understand how i connect the rolling ball to the collisionbox downstairs. I probably miss some handy knowledge in here :rolleyes:
Now i got a mix of what you told me, but i am not sure you ment this, but again, it kind of works :slight_smile:
afb collision overlap 5.png two BP balls, and the topball (number 1) has this:
afb collision overlap 4.png

looks good again, but again i have the feeling i make it more complex than needed!

Cast node is not required again, but also its not connected so it wouldn’t do anything (loose blue wire).

thanks again! and the cast seems to be for me the only way to connect the two triggers together. If i loose the blue wire it wont compile:confused:. But i am allready very happy it works great now, i used it allready in my project. Thanks for the advise!