Possible to set custom FOV for skeletal meshes?

Hey all,

In UDK, the UDKSkeletalMesh had an FOV option whereby we could set a custom FOV that the mesh would be rendered at. Is there such an option in UE4? I don’t see it in the properties of my skeletalmeshcomponents for my blueprint. Does it have to be done by code? Does it exist at all?

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You find this under e.g ThirdPersonTemplate–>MyCharacter Blueprint–> Components–> FollowCamera–> Camera Settings

I don’t mean for the camera, I mean for the Mesh.

What I want to do is have the first person stuff (arms and guns) to be at a lower FOV than the rest of the scene. This always looks better, and is what they did by default in UDK. Is this not possible anymore with UE4?

I’m afraid we do not have support for this in UE4. With the way we do attachment, lighting, post processing etc it isn’t really possible to make the arms ‘fit’ with the rest of the scene. We also no longer have Depth Priority Groups to force arms into the foreground, for a similar reason.

Hi James,

This is a big problem for us, so I would like to know whether it’s really impossible to implement or just highly unlikely that Epic will do it.
If it’s possible, but not likely, could you could give me some pointers on how I could go about doing this myself, as we simply cannot do without this.


If you wanted to implement it yourself, you would probably want to implement GetRenderMatrix for USkeletalMeshComponent to provide a matrix which includes a projective transform. I haven’t tested this, so I’m not sure what might break, and things like sockets will not line up correctly.