Possible to pass a generated texture from one Post Process Material to a second or third one?

Hi there.

Is it possible to pass a precomputed image (black/white mask) from one post process material to another (maybe using HLSL)? Actually im generating (in a post process material) a black/white mask using a few IDs from stencil buffer. Now the important step comes: I want to distort this generated mask. As far as i know it is only possible by distoring a texture’s uvs (which isnt’t a problem in general). But the problem is, i don’t have any uvs i could distort since the mask was generated using multiple blendings and operations.

No what i tried to come around is this: A post process - material always receives the image of the previous post process - material. So i added a second post process material. That way i could distort any generated image from the previous post process material … But the problem is, a post process - material can only receive one image. So you can pass your generated mask from the first pp - material to the second by hooking this to it’s “Emission Color” pin. But then you don’t have access to your actual rendered image. The other way is, you can pass the rendered image but loose your generated mask which leads to the fact, that you must regenerate it, which leads to the fact, you can not distort it (cause you don’t have any uvs) …

So the conclusion to me is (in general): It is not possible to blur or distort an image if hat has been already looked up or generated how ever. Is this true? Hard to believe there is now way …

Maybe someones has a good idea how to distort this mask.

Regards and thank you