Possible Springarm bug in 4.12.4

I’m experiencing a weird issue where my spring arm target arm length appears to “snap” to a predetermined value other than the one that I set, when I rotate or otherwise pass commands through a string that hits said spring arm. I’ve attached a gif showing what I’m talking about.

Has anyone else experienced this? I’m hoping that this isn’t the intended behavior, as I’m relying on the behavior it used to exhibit prior to my upgrade to 4.12.4, where objects lined up along the spring arm would stay at their relative position from the springarm root.


Ive attempted to recreate your issue, although i did not get your specific problem, the SpringArm component does present other artifacts, however this is only within the Editor, ingame i see no issue when rotating a SpringArm component.

If you notice in your GIF the SpringArm component does resume its correct length when you stop editing its rotation.

This is most likely just a small bug with the editor and how the SpringArm component actually attaches children and manipulates their transforms.