Possible, minor, bug with UInterpToMovementComponent

Right now there are no widgets visible on the viewport for the control points of UInterpToMovementComponent when you try to use it, but if you take a look at the declaration of PositionControlPoint property of the FInterpControlPoint struct it suggests that there should be a widget to manipulate it’s position in the viewport.

Perhaps TArray ControlPoints; property of the UInterpToMovementComponent needs a MakeEditWidget=true meta specifier?

Hi dudrenov,

At the moment, this is the way that this component is suppose to function. However, there are plans to make improvements. Adding the meta specifier that you mentioned sadly does not work as it still doesn’t allow for editing the Control Points, A possible future edition would be the addition of a spline for each control point to illustrate it’s location in the world along with being able to move it in the viewport.

Have a nice day,

Matthew Clark