Possible bug - Weight maps always invert

When importing a terrain and selecting not to invert the y coordinates the terrain is not affected but the weight maps are still inverted. If selecting invert then the heightmap is inverted and so are the weightmaps.

Hello Dmacka,

Would you mind providing me with the steps you are taking when creating your weightmaps? I am assuming you are using World Machine, and there is a specific workflow to this application that needs to be followed in order to have your weightmaps applied correctly.

I tried testing this on my end, and am not getting the same results you are reporting. If you have a test landscape file you can share, I would be more than happy to test your landscape file and confirm the issue.

Thank you,

I am using L3DT. The terrain is by default set at x0y0 in the lower left corner. If I do not check the invert y coordinate the terrain imports correctly but the weightmaps are all flipped on the y coordinate. If I check the invert Y coordinate the entire terrain is flipped on Y coordinate and the weightmaps are still flipped but align with the terrain which is now flipped on one axis so the terrain is not aligning.

Kind of long video but here is the inverted weightmaps without flipping the y coordinate on the terrain

- YouTube

Here is a video of the weightmaps corrected but flipped the terrain after renaming all the Y coordinates tiles.

To adjust for this I had to rename all my terrain y coordinate in reverse so the entire terrain is correct when I select invert y coordinate.

The problem is that weather or not I select invert y coordinate the weightmaps are always inverted.

Since you are able to reproduce this consistently on your end, and you have provided some video documenting this occurrence. Could you test to see if this still happens in our 4.10 preview 4?

After you have returned with your answer, I will go ahead and enter a bug using the information you have provided.

Thank you for being patient and taking the time to write the report, and let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.


I don’t have 4.10. It is not on my download for some reason.

Would you mind trying again, since we just released the official version of 4.10 today?


Tested it tonight. Selected not to invert Y and the terrain was correct but the weightmaps were inverted.

Thank you for testing this in our most recent release. Hopefully this is an easy fix and can be implemented in our next hotfix release version. I will report back here once I have entered a bug report for the issue.

Thank you,