[Possible Bug] ImposterUVs - sample mesh?…s/3/index.html

Is there a content example that contains a working mesh?

The material is fine, but it’s just not displaying correctly on a simple plane, I’m guessing the unwrap needs to match the size of a single tile?

More info - perhaps a master class withing the academy would be greatly welcome.

There’s a breakdown of how to use impostors in this video

This blog post Post Page

And this UE4 talk Optimizing UE4 for Fortnite: Battle Royale - Part 2 | GDC 2018 | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Seen (and used) all of that.
Unfortunately its not cutting it.
Likely the project wasn’t repaired properly to work with the latest engine. I have to dig into that myself.
Either way the code in the plugin does all sorts of extra over the top things (probably why it broke between engies).

I have all the textures generated as needed. I have the material setup as needed.
I cant really apply it to anything and see a result, not even a sphere…

Small update on this.
I finally got it to display something. it’s not right, obviously, but it’s starting to work. the main issue was the Fixed Boolean in the Imposter UVs function needs to be true.
The rotation is still very incorrect, but I’m working on figuring that out. It doesn’t seem linked to the UVs at all actually. The shader seems to be doing it’s job of aligning to the camera correctly. the image it chooses it’s just incorrect.

Even when utilizing the tutorial sprite sheets the rotations are off.

I ended up going back to Ryan B.'s original version and manually patching the custom nodes to get it to work.
The Custom Nodes withing the Impostor_ThreeFrameBlend need to be swapped out to utilize the correct function GetPrimitiveData()

The colors are still off with my foliage, but at least the POM + Impostor setup works fine and the camera matches the sprite exactly.

IF anyone from Epic passes by and can share what/why geometry utilizing the above mentioned tutorial and sprites doesn’t work as expected in 4.23.1 I’d appreciate it.
I would file a bug about if I was sure that it’s not a Me problem. Since there is no mention of meshes/data on what the material actual expects to find I don’t think that’s a good idea yet.