Possible Behavior Tree bug

Hi ! I’ recently created a service so the AI look at where they are going ( I created a custom one even if there is a task so 1) it’s refresh in real time, 2 ) I added custom parameters ).

From the moment I added the service the tree started behaving “weird”. It’s like if multiple branch where executed, even if I have decorator that should prevent some of these branch to execute… :

The behavior in the game “seem OK”. So I’m not sure if it is just visual, or if something the two branch are really being executed…
If I remove the service “BTS_LookAt” at the bottom left of the picture, then everything works fine :


Edit :

I just restarted unreal engine, and now it’s always like in the second picture ( even with the BTS_LookAt service ). It’s never on the “Move to” node, even if the AI is actually correctly moving in the game