Possibility of filtering out some Primitives in different views?

Is it possible to have “render groups” per view ? By that i mean lets say you have a outlast-style camera that you want to show the normal scene, but also show spooky ghosts, or a mode in that camera to show you a simplified (but still realtime) version of the 3d map you are in.

A good way to achieve this would be to have a bitfield per UPrimitiveComponent to say which groups it belongs to, normal geometry would all be in 1, Ghosts in 2, Map meshes in 4. Then have the same bitfield per camera/viewport, so the main camera would render 1 as usual, ghost camera 1+2, map camera 4. Some of this functionality is already present via ViewFlags in the editor, but nothing usable for gameplay that I’ve seen.

A workaround for the realtime map idea maps by having another level with just the simplified meshes in it (and then trying to sync up positions), surely thats error prone and not as convenient as just having all the components in a single actor, with different view flags/groups set on the components (this necessarily makes sure they are all in sync, position and look-wise).

Yep, that is truly needed. To a limit extent you can use ownership and only owner see flags.

Even Godot has it: