Possess to first Character (not placed in the level)

Hello Guys,
I just started a new project, where i want to access cameras. But this SceneCapture2D and the other Materials are not very comfortable, so i decided to place a pawn witch contains a camera and the spring arm. Works fine. In the Level Blueprint i connected the Key “1” to Possess the camera, so i could control it and see what the camera sees. Works fine, i press 1 and can see what cam sees and cam does what i do.

Of course i don´t wanted a one-way camera, so i added another possess node, triggered by “2”, to switch back to the character. Doesn´t work.

I also dragged multiple instances of the ThirdPersonCharater Blueprint in the Level and i can possess to all of them. Except the first character (the one who is spawned, not the instanced i added to the level).

How do i do this? I already added to the GameMode and ThirdPersonCharacter Blueprint each a variable with the type “Pawn (reference)” and set it at Event begin play to self/Cast to ThirdPersonCharacter (get player character in the wildcard-input) → as ThirdPersonCharacter.

But every time i try to possess the first character, it repossesses to pawn i´m currently controlling. How do i fix this?

Nah, nevermind. I just placed an instance, destroy the player character at the Event begin play and possess after that the instance and it works fine.