Positional/Rotational tracking not working properly with the HTC Vive

Hi everybody

In 4.10, I’m about 2 meters above ground in all my projects when I use the HTC Vive (It’s working fine with Oculus Rift)

In 4.11 preview 5, the height seems ok but the rotational tracking is not working properly, like my head is not centered on my body.

I’ve updated the HTC Vive with the latest firmware, same for the drivers of my Geforce 980ti. I’m with Windows 10.

Is there a work-around to fix that?

in 4.10 you need to make sure character eye height is set to 0.0

4.11 preview 5 / 6 have broken vive support.

Can you expound on that? I’m having this issue too and it’s a showstopper, makes people sick in the demo I’m working on.

My issue is that the headset’s rotational tracking seems to act as a spring interpolation point for where the camera is supposed to go. I’m not missing frames either. Working on Vive Pre with a Titan X. I’ll keep trying things.

Edit: Added additional information

Edit 2: even more info:

So the geometry that the SteamVR overlay provides on top with the compositor (chaperone tracking bounds, etc.) seems to be perfectly in line, so it’s not a problem with the hardware or drivers getting late info. Looks like Unreal is trying to predict the next position of the device and display that instead of what it’s getting from the SteamVR API. Is there a way to remove that prediction?

Is this in a totally fresh project?