Position Tracking reversed when standing backwards

Hello everybody,

I couldn’t find any solution by searching the forum.
My problem is the following:

In UE, when I play a level with my Oculus Rift CV1 I get a strange behaviour when I turn around.

When facing the oculus sensor, everything works just fine. When I lean left, the player ingame also leans left.

When I turn around so I am standing with my back facing the sensor, it doesn’t recognize this so that the position tracking seems reversed for me. When I lean left, my player leans right and vice versa.
This is really strange and I am pretty sure that this didn’t occur in former versions. I tested it in a standard First Person Blueprint without any adjustments.

In the demo files provided by oculus this does not occur. Even though position tracking sometimes seem disabled when standing with the back to the sensor. but this is still much better than the reversed output.

I hope this was somehow comprehensible and I hope even more that you guys can help me.
I am still pretty new to the software…

Best regards,