"Position" "Rotation" "Scale" I want to attach to different sockets for each element.

When attaching an actor to a socket (such as AttachToComponent), I want to make it affected by different sockets for “coordinates”, “rotation”, and “scale”.

for example
If the actor “A” is attached to the skeletal mesh socket “B”, the “position”, “rotation”, and “scale” of “A” will be affected by “B”.
I want the position of “A” to be the socket “B”, the rotation to be the socket “C”, and the scale to be affected by the socket “D”.
Is it possible to do something like the above?

Please treat me well.

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As far as I’m aware, you can only ever be relative to one transform.

I think your best option will be setting the rotation and scale on tick :confused:

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I see…
I’m going to implement it the way you suggested.
Thank you for your reply.

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