Position Anchors for Blueprints

Hello everyone!

For everyone having trouble managing large blueprint layouts, I would like to request a feature:

Please allow us to save camera positions (or “anchors”) with Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, … , Ctrl+0 in Blueprints just like in the 3D viewport.

I tried it today and was kind of disappointed when it wasn’t implemented. A features like this would improve blueprint productivity sooo much. Granted it’s more complex implementing this for each Blueprint than simply saving it out for a single map, but it would be extremely cool to for example save an anchor at the Event Tick of your PlayerController and then creating another one that is placed where you have your input actions and then another nested in a function. You could then jump to the exact positions by just pressing 1, 2, 3.

Another way of achieving this would be to create a blueprint node that acts as an anchor. This Anchor Node could be placed like a tutorial node and have a number or other key command set as a shortcut and then you could jump back and forth (maybe spanning your whole project?).

Epic please! :slight_smile: Thanks for reading!