Poseable mesh warping when using interp to to set bones

Im making a blueprint to drive a transform based animation via blue print using the poseable mesh. now the internals of setting the mesh up work fine. but when u go to use Vinterpto or Rinterpto to drive the bones to their positions it just warps instead of giving it a smooth transition . this is all done from a foreach loop to go between the bones. now i have done this same setup just use cubes for bones and it works fine for them but when setting the bones via the poseable mesh it just warps to the position instead.

the pic below shows u my set up for driving the bones. im not sure if this is a issue with the poseable mesh or not . just want to restate that the interpto works fine else where but just not with the poseable mesh set bone functions. If any oen has any info on why this is not smoothly working like it should . please do tell.


edit : ignore the attached screen shots for some reason they still showed up even though i deleted them… :mad:. just the screen shot above is what needs to be looked at.


just bumping this in hopes some one knows the answer