porting old project to 4.25 preview and dealing with Exposure changes - how to revert

Hi All,

just jumped shop to 4.25 preview with an existing project and low and behold it now looks very different [light strengths/fall offs/ppv exposure etc] to how it it did before. I know there has been changes to Exposure overall and I probably shouldn’t have jumped the gun in hindshight. No longer have 4.24 in which was created [my drives aren’t big enough for all of the updates/projects;)

looking here…posure-in-4-25

i see that there is a hidden value AutoExposureBiasBackup that can if i understand correctly bring my original settings back. Does anyone know how i access and activate this and is this in fact what is being said?

many thanks for any help on this as i would ideally like to revert to how it was as i did not duplicate the project before opening/saving in 4.25 so do not have a 4.24 [original] version i can revert to
[unless opening it in 4.24 would do the exposure conversion in reverese - which i very much doubt is the case;/]