Porting FINGO stereo AR/VR hand/head tracker for use with Unreal Engine....

Those who don’t know, Fingo is a very inexpensive device (all being relative) to attach to VR/AR headset using Windows or Android that can track your head and all fingers utilizing two cameras. It also provides an outside stereo image and so therefore can be used as a conduit to the outside world - AR. Before I reinvent the wheel, is there anyone who has already ported the SDK from the company that makes it, Usens, for use with the Unreal Engine? The software developer kit includes a C++ module. I’d rather use the Unreal Engine if possible when developing with this device. Been a decade or two since using C++ full bore for this kind of thing. Anyone interested, or willing to help if I decide to tackle it myself? Source for more information:

Hey man, did you make any progress on this? I just got a fingo at work and a few people here use ue4, so if you have found a way to integrate it, id be interested.

MrCryptic - sorry, not sure why I just now saw your reply.

It looks like in a couple of months we’ll have support!!!