Port and ship package help!

I sent the port and ship package to the unreal engine market but they say there is not enough content and they reject the package.:frowning: What exactly is the reason?

Demo scene included
Fully customizable material
Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Collision: Yes, Automatically generated
Vertex Count: max 31000
LODs: Yes, Automatically LOD for each mesh
Number of Meshes: 87
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 7
Number of Textures: 20
Textures uv 2048-2048
Shipyard 10000 poly
Port 5300 poly
Lighthouse 1900 poly
Apparatus 11000 poly
Ancient Ship 01: 7375 poly
Ancient Ship 02: 6207 poly
Ship Sail Small: 218 poly
Ship Sail Big: 126 poly
Ship Closed Sail Small: 1102 poly
Ship Closed Sail Big:1104 poly
Ship Shovel : 15 polygon
(PBR) Normalā€“Metallikā€“Roughnessā€“Emissiveā€“BaseColor
Properly named Textures,Materials and Meshes
Model is fully textured with all materials applied. You can edit the material :slight_smile:
The pivot points are properly positioned.
Windows: Yes