Pop Up Error At Launch

So when we go to launch our project this error always pops before we can enter the editor.


We did not initially start with a blank project, we took one over one and gutted it all out and I am pretty sure this error is coming from that. I believe it was either the code or blueprint 3rd person project, we figured it was minor will deal with it later and proceeded on. However now that I had some time to look it over I can not find the reference in our code or to a blueprint that has that “MyCharacter” in it, nor in any of our project or world settings. I know I deleted a bunch of pre-generated stuff after I learned what we needed from it and proceeded on.

So does anywhere know where I can find the pointer or reference of this so I can give it a quick whack whack and be rid of it?

Thanks in advance


It’s probably a reference from your game mode class. For example, the top down game mode template does:

// set default pawn class to our Blueprinted character
static ConstructorHelpers::FObjectFinder<UClass> PlayerPawnBPClass(TEXT("Class'/Game/Blueprints/MyCharacter.MyCharacter_C'"));

Failing that, I’d check your ini’s in your Config folder, but that seems less likely.

Michael Noland

NVM I missed the code but my other buddy figured it out.