Pop up command button and character interaction

I am currently building a game with control very much similar to The Sims control.
I created a few blueprint.
a) Radio, an actor blueprint
b) Playable Character, a character blueprint
c) Command Button, a widget blueprint
d) Player Controller

In a level, there are multiple Playable Character. Only one Playable Character can be active at a time. I used boolean variable to mark which Playable Character is currently active.
Now, I’m trying to get my Command Button as a source of trigger for currently active character to do something with the Radio.
The flow, from the user perspective is.

  1. Activate a Playable Character.
  2. Click on the Radio. A Command Button will pop up.
  3. Click on the Command Button. The actor will move to the radio and starts dancing.

Main Question: Now, 1 and 2 is working. I am now trying to wrap my head around on how to make the Command Button works, but I’m **** clueless on how to go about it. I’m gonna guess that I will have to use Blueprint Interface a lot, but it’s been a bit more than a week trying to figure and nothing comes to my mind. :’(

Other considerations: I am going to have the Playable Characters to have command queue. So, players can add commands and have them queued to be done after the Playable Character finish the current command. It’s a problem that will come later, but for now, the Main Question is the focus.

Erhhh… Nobody? Lol. :frowning: