Poll: Month of nothing but fixing bugs?

TLDR: I want to start a poll to see if people would keep their subscription if they knew that the next month or 2 of releases would be pure bug fixing? I for one, would pay twice as much a month if i knew it meant extra bugs getting fixed!!

Stability is a MAJOR problem for us right now. Our development (a small multi-player turn based game) has been hampered by corruption bugs, crashing bugs, blueprint bugs, and silly minor bugs that seem to have been the result of a lack of simple testing.

I am trying to look at this from Epic’s point of view, and I may be assuming this, but I think there is this sense of urgency to constantly release features every month so that you guys keep people subscribed. Feel free to tell me this is not at all the case. You could say that “well joe new releases are less stable because there are new features”. New Releases are also supposed to have bug fixes in them. So if i have a nasty bug in our current release, i kind of have to upgrade to the next release.

Anyways, it seems like every time we sit down we find a bug we have to deal with, and today we have 2 bugs that are extremely nasty. I look forward to the day that this is not the case!!