pointer to incomplete class type is not allowed

Hi guys. I’m trying to get Wheel RPM into the blueprint. But I’m getting. “pointer to incomplete class type is not allowed” when I use the code below. Any suggestions?

  1. void UVehicleMovementBPFunctionLibrary::PhysXVehicleWheelRPM(UWheeledVehicleMovementComponent * Component, int32 w, float& RPM)
  2. {
  3. physx::PxVehicleWheels * PVehicleLocal = Component->PVehicle;
  4. RPM = OmegaToRPM(PVehicleLocal->mWheelsDynData.getWheelRotationSpeed(w));
  5. }

Check source code to see if the class is module exported. If it’s not exported or marked MinimalAPI you won’t be able to use it.