Point Light Not Contributing to Raytraced GI properly

Has anyone run into a issue with point lights not properly contributing to raytraced global illumination. The results from a RectLight are as expected, but point lights just don’t bounce light around.

Included in the images: Dark one is Point Light in Lit mode. Movable / 2000 Lm,/ source radius of 45 / Cast Ray trace shadows On etc

Second image is the ground truth path tracing version of the same point light.

Post Process Volume Settings. Enabled and Infinite Extent (unbound) checked on.

Also included an image of the Ray Tracing Global Illumination settings from the post process volume.

Anyone have any thoughts to whats going on ? I feel like rectLights and SpotLights work well overall compared to the point light.

Thank you

Running Unreal Engine Version 4.25.3
on a RTX 2080Ti