Point Light Issues

Hello everyone, brand new to the entire aspect of the game/environment creation and have been following along with the simple tutorials provided in the UE4 Documentation. Specifically I’ve been playing with the lighting quick start guide. I’m having an issue in a small room. In the guide the room is brightly lit as such:


However when I go through the room it is extremely dark at first, and slowly fades to being (somewhat) bright. I’m not sure if there is a setting somewhere I’ve missed, or if I messed up on an aspect of the guide but I’m not sure what could be causing this. It’s extremely hard to judge any changes I make to lighting in this room at the moment. Can anyone provide some insight?


Looks like a room with no lighting. You need to place a point like like in the guide for that room to be lit.

Also, when the lighting looks like it’s getting brighter or darker when going from room to room; that’s auto exposure at work.