Point And Click Adventure

Hello! i was wandering if unreal engine would be the best pick for building a Point and Click Adventure game? I would like it to have a bit of old school feeling so the graphics should not be very good. Much like super mario 64 as an example!.


You mentioned Mario 64. So, you want a point and clicker with 3D graphics, a la TellTale’s The Walking Dead? KitatusStudios has a tutorial about the basics of such a game.

However, if your intention is to make a 2D point and clicker, picking up Adventure Game Studio might be a better option than Unreal.

To be honest i was thinking more like spongebob employee of the month game. I really would like to empliment the feel you get from playing that game

Spongebob is the best. Never played that game, though.

Looking at screenshots, it seems to be a blend of 3D models for the characters and a 2D backdrop. I’m sorry to say I don’t know how to set up something like that. It might take a mix of the Third Person and 2D Side Scroller templates? I’m really not sure.

Something unrelated. How would i make a pizza making game involving 2d point and click GUI and etc?..