PLZ Add resources management features for launcher

After buying tons of marketplace resources,currently there is nearly 400 items stored in my launcher,It’s totally chaos when you try to find some specific one that you forgot it’s name,or just try to make them all looks better and ordered.
Can your guys PLEASE add some management features for this?Just some sort-rules couldn’t be enough,Users should be allow to create and rename new folder and place these resources by his own habit.

Have to agree with this, there’s so way to organize. Not to mention the Launcher software itself is quite sluggish even on a Dual Xeon workstation.

I think it would be nice to have a proper Content Library with different categories like characters, architecture, blueprints, plugins, etc. etc. Better yet to let the user define their own.

It would also be nice to access that Content Library from within the Editor and have it import Content on demand instead of using “Add to project” outside of the editor.