plus seconds to timer help please

hello dear developers, i have a kind of beginner question, but i couldn’t figure it out how to do it. I tried with some branches but it didn’t worked, so how can i do this?

So my game is about:

You have story levels: 60 second timer. if the timer runs out you died. at the end of the map you have to pick up one FOCUS STONE, and if you picked it up, you can have 5 more seconds in the open jungle

Open Jungle: 60 second timer by default. But if you have one focus stone it’s 65 seconds, and 2 focus stone 70 seconds 5sec/FOCUS STONE

I already did the timers, and you die at 60 s, but i couldn’t figure out the +5 second part :frowning:

If you don’t understand the question, please add me on Skype:Simigla Roland (No profile picture, From hungary, 3 simigla roland, both of them are me.)

please anyone be kind and help me :frowning: thanks!