Plugin "XX" failed to load with 4.12 source

Every question on this topic was of no help to me so I figured I would post a new one. I just forked and cloned ue4 4.12 from github. After setting everything up I ran the solution, set the build configuration to ‘debug’ ‘Win64’ ‘UE4’ and built it. The building process went fine, however when I try and run the debug build I get the error message:

Plugin “LeapMotion” failed to load because module “LeapMotion” could not be found

Now the exact plugin changes each time I clean and build again so the specific plugin doesn’t seem to be the issue. My question is how do I resolve this? I literally haven’t touched any of the files or folders within the project so not sure why this issue would come up. Is there a cs script or something that is making the engine look for these files before the engine loads up?

Have you solved this issue?