[PLUGIN] Region Pathing - Advanced Node Traversal

I wanted to post another demonstration download in the form of wave pathing. It is a small and simple game I threw together, that involves the player being chased by explosive spiders with a goal to collect Orbs that randomly spawn throughout the map. As well, the more orbs you collect the more birds populate the sky which helps to inhibit your vision of the map. Collect 20 orbs and you win.


W - Forward
S - Backward
A - Left
D - Right


Reaching 20/20 orbs is not easy. Good luck;


Arena Path Download](


We are still deciding on the price, and are also waiting to hear from Epic about our marketplace submission.

Looks very promising! If you hear back from Epic let us know.

They do allow C++ since quite some time now, however, not a single plugin has appeared on the marketplace yet… too sad. Let’s see, maybe this one will be the first! :wink:

Thank you!

That would be great! Until we find out, I have some more time to fine-tune and create more examples.

I saw in your video you had some options for baking the data; what is the difference between point length and UE4 nav length?

Yes, the “paths map” can be generated based on points length or by UE4 nav length. Points length is referring to the number of points (regions) that an actor must pass through to get to the goal. UE4 nav length also contains a reference to number of points (regions) but also takes in to consideration the navigation length when organizing the final “paths map” array. So points length prioritizes the array from minimum number of points to maximum number of points and the UE4 nav length bake prioritizes the array from the shortest navigation path to follow, to the longest navigation path to follow, regardless of the number of points, though the paths map will still make reference to the number of points in that path.

I hope this isnt to confusing and I would be happy to draw out a visual representation.


Wanted to show off the new and improved Baking Menu and Builder Menu. You can now access these menus from the editor:
Here is also a small demonstration of the menus in action:**


Is C ++?

Epic will accepting C++ submissions?


Yes indeed, very soon :slight_smile:


Does this work well in small rooms, small stairs, and do you still need a nav mesh volume?

Also delays would be important, and random node path (NPC either turns left or right pathway).

This could work with those requirements. The easiest way to use this is with a Nav Mesh Volume, though in certain cases it is not necessary. If you check out the Car example I created in an earlier post on this thread you can see a case that does not require a Nav Mesh Volume. Without getting into greater detail another form could be to create a spline path for every pair of regions. This would remove the necessity for Nav Mesh Volume. I would recommend sticking with UE4’s AI navigation for ease of use. Perhaps at a later date I can add a spline path version but at the moment I am finishing up a jumping path version that allows AI to jump to the next region, I.E. shortcuts to the next region through jumping.

Delays and the option for random paths are all currently included!


Hi CptShip

I could love also something like what this guy made.](


This should already be possible for you with standard UE4 navigation. I believe you just need to toggle on “generate navigation during runtime” and make sure the objects affect navigation in their details panel.

Rama talks about this here Luny

Thanks CptShip for the tip, I was not aware about the option for rebuild pathfinding at runtime.

Probably should work very well with the traffic vehicles example, “Car Pathing - Pathtopia Project”, as to avoid colliding with pedestrians or other vehicles dynamically generated at runtime in a packaged game.=)


How can i buy this? This is awesome :slight_smile:

Any update on the state of the plugin? I would love to try it out!

No update, but hopefully soon!

Nice work this would be great for a RTS game.

Hello Rama, CptShip,

I am very interested in the demo links you have provided a few years ago (the “Pathopia” and “Arena Path”) as I am trying to work on implementing a city traffic little game. Do you think you could re-upload the links?