[Plugin] Ocean surface simulation plugin (VaOcean)

Hi there :slight_smile:

I hope that’s the right place to talk about own plugins.

VaOcean is the ocean surface simulation plugin.

It includes:

  • Component that renders displacement and gradient (normal) maps in real time
  • Sample content, including water shader and grid meshes to be used on scene
  • Set of global shaders that perform FFT calculation and other tech stuff on GPU

Current version: 0.4 Alpha 6 Hotfix 1. Check the demo project!

Plugin is avaible under MIT open-source license, you can download it here (please read installation notes, unusual step required). Source code is available on Github: GitHub - ufna/VaOcean: [DEPRECATED] Ocean Surface Simulation Plugin for Unreal Engine 4

Preview videos:

Plugin is in alpha stage now, and I’m going to add and improve a lot of things next. Any tests, comments and reviews will be really appreciated :slight_smile:

Btw, it was a great pleasure to work with RHI wrappers :slight_smile:

This is great! :eek: Thank you for sharing ufna!

This plugin seems very promising, good job! :wink:

Hey Ufna,

Looks great, but unfortunately I am crashing immediately upon trying to open a project with this plugin enabled. I’ve tried both 4.02 and 4.1.

Did you copy shaders from plugin to the engine’s shaders folder?

Nope, because I’m a big dumb idiot who cannot read! thanks, working now. I checked the readme for instructions, and since I didn’t see any there, I figured it was good to go.

Wow this is amazing that you are sharing this with all of us!

thanks so much Ufna!

You are awesome!


Neither the SeaCraft or the VaOcean plugin work with the 4.1 version of Unreal. With VAocean plugin I got an error when trying to enable it after compiling saying it is not compativble with current version of the game and SeacRaft smapel said you need to recompile for current version of Engine but when trying to generate Visual Studio Project Files I got an error saying runk folder is missing ‘source’ folder.

Thanks, guys! :o I hope that my works will be useful for community. It’s fantastic that we can do such low-level code with UE.

I’m using the 4.1.0 “installed” version, and all my stuff works perfect on all three PCs I have for tests. I think you should check your installation or paths.

I got an error saying runk folder is missing ‘source’ folder. I used svn to download SeacRfat content using the steps you provided in your site. Also I copied shaders from plugin to the engine’s shaders folder and I copied the VaOcean folder to engine/plugins: I want to the plugin to be available for all projetcs and not just for one project that I must enable each time. then I revbuilt the entire ue4 engine and I got those errors.

BTW, I am using source version of UE4 not the installed one from launcher.

I suppose you’re speaking about SeaCraft, so you should combine code from github and content from SVN to make it work. Github stuff should be placed into trunk folder of SVN repository.

Very nice plugin, thanks you.

Looks very good! Will check it out later :wink:

Awesome…Something that the community wanted since UE3. :smiley:

Hey ufna -

Thank you so much for this plugin :slight_smile:

Very nice work! Just out of interest: Are you basing your calculations on the Tessendorf system?


Hey ufna,

Just curious - Do you intend to add more advanced features to this plugin?

For example -

Underwater caustics / Godrays - You could in theory base this off of the height fog for the caustics and how deep the god rays go.
Link to what I am talking about Height Fog Link

Heh, so true :slight_smile:

Yes, Tessendorf’s paperwork is a something like “realtime ocean bible” :slight_smile: Btw, Bruneton’s works were useful too.

Sure, but first I’ll add foam and rigib body reaction. As material is opaque for today, all underwater things are not in priotiry.

Hey Ufna thanks for this plugin

i am getting this when i open with VS2013 but it open anyways:

Plugin ‘VaOcean’ failed to load because module ‘VaOceanPlugin’ does not appear
to be Compatible with the current version of the engine. This plugin’s
functionality will not be available. The Plugin may need to be recompiled.

and when i click on the Materials then the Unreal Engine close and then i got this:

UE4Editor.exe has triggered a breakpoint


Plugin binaries are compiled for “installed” 4.1.0 engine version. If you’re using 4.0.x or custom built version, you have to recompile the plugin from sources.