Plug-in idea content importers

ok this is just an idea thats popped into my head today, there seems to be a few people asking for other content formats to be supported.

i know Epic said they didn’t want to do this their selves eg maintain psk/psa formats but wouldn’t it be possible for some of our talented programmers to create plug-ins for common / loved formats.

know before you start on me NO i can’t code otherwise i would have done it long ago

i’d vote for psk/psa format but i’m baised

You should know there may be licensing reasons why certain, other formats are not supported; that is no different with competitor-engines.

maybe so but i’m just trying to put ideas out so that we don’t have to rely on autodesk’s fbx , as it’s already been noticed it is not perfect

FBX is not a file format but rather a formatted DCC wrapper that allows for a lot of different assets to be stored and it’s up to the host application to store data in to it in a meaningful manner and it’s up to the target application to extract from the package as to what it needs.

No FBX is not perfect but in most cases the root cause can be traced back to the host not properly formatting the export or the target lacking the ability to extract the data from with in the structure.

Also of general interest just because it has an export UI that’s only the tip of the iceberg of what it can do now and what it will do in the future as a single unified format.

The best course of action, in my opinion, is for Epic to beef up FBX and work with other application developers to improve their FBX support as to what needs to be packaged into the wrapper that UE4 can extract.