Pls fix abandoned admob features (or mark them as "deprecated")

Hi Epic team.

It seems that you abandoned admob functionality (ShowBanner/ShowInterstitial/etc).
Can you pls fix it? Or remove from the engine. Or mark as “deprecated”. Cause regular small devs like us waste days of work trying to “ShowBanner/ShowInterstitial” before coming to know that admob functionality is abandoned.



I am also having a problem with them. I did however succeeded to add a test banner but no luck with the interstitial. Are they considered deprecated? How did you found out?
I was thinking about asking here

But I believe even this works we still need to pay a lot of money to third party addons since they do not support it for IOS. It is sad while unity has its own ad system built into the engine while UE doesn’t even care to add built-in AdMob support. :confused:

Have you all followed the steps in the Ad Mob documentation? If so, would you mind filing a bug reportif something isn’t behaving correctly so our team can correct it?

Hi Amanda! OK I’ll try to file bug report. I’ve spent couple of days trying to make Admob ads work, searched a lot on forum and youtube.

I’ve tried as well but the bug reports form is also broken.
Everyone with trouble with showing ads for android should send a message to her reinforcing that there is a problem.
I already did.