Plizzz make this forum works correctly!!!!


Quite a while ago I mentioned an important bug about the Search engine of this forum, which miss several results. This has been raised on this forum as well as on AnswerHub:
Unfortunately nobody really seems to care about that. This is a pity because it would be so useful...

Some time before I mentioned a limitation on the upload of the Gif images, which seems to be limited to 500Ko where the guidelines on the upload page says a bit more than 1Mo, and this issue is still there.

And today I wasn't able to attach any pictures at all with my new post! Even the attachments were corrupted. I tried on FF (36) and on Chrome, same result.

I really think it would be a good idea to improve a bit the robustness of the forum, it is getting urgent.

Thank you for your understanding,


PS: this is my second try to send a new thread. The first one I did a few minutes ago has apparently never reached the forum because I caoont see it in the new threads :S

The forum was down for a little while so there were bugs going on at the time

Thank you for the answer.

That issue in particuliar has been there for a long time and is still there and tihe forum is not down. missing-results-on-the-seach-section-of-the-forum.html

Can you please please please have a look at it?

Thanks a lot