[PLEASE WATCH] 2 Scenes in 3 days of using UE4

Hi guys im new to UE4 literally 4 days using it and teaching myself and following afew tutorials :slight_smile: I wanted to show you guys what i have made as a complete beginner because i would like to join a team so i can learn more and more as i would like to be an enviroment/landscape/scene artist/designer for games :slight_smile: so here are the links dont be too hard on me please lol its only been 4 days!! :slight_smile:

This first one i followed a tutorial.


This second one i did myself with my imagination putting in practice what i learnt in that tutorial.


Thanks guys!

Well done, I think they’re pretty good. Thought I’m a terrain person myself, Add some mountains in the background like this :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks dude :slight_smile: where can i find those kind of mountains or what assets do i need to scale ? :slight_smile:

when u say Z u mean Zombies right? lol and if someone could say how i could add or make those kind of mountains id apreciate it thanks in advance :slight_smile:

this is really cool! where do you get all the assets from? like the trees and bushes and all?! Im new and the only thing that makes it hard is i cant find any good assets

Why does your great stuff is present here, not in “Work in Progress”?

Does it Content? Tools? Tutorials? Just curious…