Please Support Windows 10 Mobile/Universal Apps in Unreal Engine 4

Microsoft has had a long history with Epic and with the advent of DirectX 12 and Universal Windows Apps, Unreal Engine 4 is in a position to take advantage of new software, both the creation and distribution of applications. However, so far, there hasn’t been any proclamation or advertisement of support for the latter feature. In the case, there isn’t any support for UWA’s, I ask that Epic actually consider doing so. In particular, there should be support for Windows 10 Mobile as any interest or effort in in Microsoft’s mobile platform has been severely (though understandably) lacking, to say the least. But unlike previous circumstances, UWA’s have the ability to broaden distribution of apps using Unreal Engine 4 not only in the mobile sphere, but also in the realm of personal computing.

Hi Dracopheonix1,

This has been addressed by Tim Sweeney back in October in this thread:

There’s no new update at this time.